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Weeknote 2

I’ve been off for a couple of weeks and return to find we’re making good progress on more product roll-outs – with improvements to the search system (both algorithm changes and results page template upgrade) coming along. We’re also working on adding a ‘playlist’ element to the video on the citytv homepage which is shaping up nicely.

The site improvements have had a couple of weeks to bed-in and we’ll be getting stats back soon on how people reacted. More video views, for starters I’m sure, because we’re now offering options of related videos.

I’m itching to mention a whole bunch of new services for fans that we’re going to deliver – but I hate jinxing things, so I won’t mention any of them until they’re about to launch – and then it’ll be a sneak preview for readers of this blog. Suffice it to say that we think they’re going to be appreciated by fans, and will stick to our mantra of giving fans more and more access to the club – just like our youtube deal.

Wristbands, cards, rfid and social media

On a totally different note, I noticed this rather interesting article “What happened when a hotel armed social media-loving clubbers with RFID wristbands?” by Kevin May on Tnooz.

It’s something we thought about when putting together the ‘clever card’ with this year’s new membership scheme. We’re working on a range of ideas of how to use the technology best – in a way that gives something to the fans as much as the club – but bearing in mind that all our membership cards at the Etihad use an rfid chip in them to give holders access to the ground – then it’s a short step to thinking about what kind of social media integration we might do. Or my feeling is that there’s more than social media to be done – there’s fun to be had – fun that makes more of match day – and not just in the ground, but across the network of properties that the Club owns.

Anyway, having said I don’t like jinxing things, perhaps I’ll stop there. But, as ever, we’re interested in any thoughts you might have on good uses of this technology. Usual contact points: mcfcgeeks [at] and @mcfcgeeks, or talk to me on @richardayers.

One final thing:

We’re up for an award – tonight at The Drum Awards for Digital Industries (@dadiawards) in Leeds, where there are some really great entries in a whole range of categories. Our iPhone app, developed by our builders at Aqueduct is one of the finalists in the Use of Mobile category, but it’s well worth checking out some of the other creative work.

Also, we’re delighted to be honoured with two Lovies – the first European awards from Internet Week Europe. We got a silver award for the website in the Sports category (there wasn’t a gold award in that one) and another silver in the News category for the iPhone app. Which, as they say, is nice.




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